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the brothership of cupgang

CupGang is more than camaraderie. It’s thicker than blood. We've taken different roads to become who we are but, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you’ve been, it matters who you’re with and when you’re with us, like it or not- you’re FAMILY. Cars. Unite. People. It’s just that simple. We’re loud, crazy and passionate international car collectors who look out for each other with a brotherly bond that can’t be broken.

We stand united. We stand strong. We stand together.

background & history

CupGang’s origin story is that of friendships, cars, and quite honestly just pure luck. It all began one late January night when our dear friend and designated dumb stoner Michael aka “The Golden Jew” had just received news from our lovely friends at The Auto Gallery that one of our friend’s brand new 918 Spyder had just arrived. This was the catalyst. He proceeded to call a man with such a questionable reputation that many of us dare not lay a hand on him for fear of getting all diseases known to man and that is Dean from Stickercity or what we like to call “EEEEEEEEEEEESTICKER SHITTY.” He made one more phone call to the Salvadorian LL Cool J, the friend who can't go a day without chap stick, the man with the worst vision even worse than the Asians in the group. The one and only Junior from Fresh Window Tint (yes he does greet people saying “Hi I am Junior from Fresh Window Tint.")

From that blossomed the beginning of what CupGang was to become, a group of friends who came together because of their passion for cars. CupGang started as an inside joke between tight-knit friends, but soon these friends began to see the impact that these cars had on the people around them. They soon began to see the unity that it could bring people of all walks of life together. Cars, Unite, People truly began to unravel in front of their very eyes. Not only could they have fun and enjoy their passion for cars, but they began to see the difference in the communities and the lives of the younger generation by exposing them to the wonders of automobiles while also teaching them great life lessons. On that note, CupGang does not select its members, instead you are the one who decides if you are CupGang. We all are CupGang.

active members of cupgang

Brian - @briangoldphd

I’m a man of few words, both quiet and reserved, but don't let that fool you- I do my part and help out the fellow CupGang members. I always look out for CupGang’s best interest and make things happen behind the scenes. I’m a serial entrepreneur, working an average of 80 hours a week, but as hard as I work, I play even harder. I love motorsports and enjoy good conversation with fellow enthusiasts.


Los Angeles, CA

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