DRAG RACES - Viper ACR Vs Viper GTS & Viper ACR Vs Porsche 918 Spyder

My fellow CUP Bangers! Wanted to add a little bit more of these "all behind the scenes" from Banging Gears for your personal amusement! 

Also a friendly reminder that Episode 2 of Banging Gears should be out the first week of April, and it’s all about the Geneva Motor Show experience, what cars made a splash, what didn’t, what the market looks like these days and A TON OF FUN driving the Pagani Zonda F, the Maserati MC-12, and the awesome Koenigsegg CCX! 

Thanks to Greg and Carugati out there for the tremendous hook up and the crew will be traveling to Dubai for a few episodes very soon! 

We’ll keep you posted with dates, and most likely if you live in Dubai and wanna come say hi we’ll try to fit it also into the episode! 

Let us know what you would like to see in Dubai, but we have a very special episode taking place there already. ONE FOR THE BOOKS! #CUPGang