Consider yourself the ultimate CupBanger? Check it - YOU could be our next Pedro. We’re just a group of unlikely underdogs who found each other and formed an unbreakable bond. While we know our "stuff" when it comes to cars and work really damn hard, we play twice as hard and don’t take ourselves too seriously. You don’t have to be rich or powerful to hang with our crew, you just have to love cars on an almost erotic level. Is that you? If so, get off your a** and let’s do this! #CARSUNITEPEOPLE #CUPGANG

CupGang members meet the 1st Wednesday of every month. Confirmed CupBangers are required to attend all of our CupGang events.



As a member of our crew, we want our ambassadors to be loud and proud repping CupGang every chance they get. They’ve got to be a contributing member to our community as well as their own. They gotta talk the talk and walk the walk on social media and in their everyday life and be a reflection of who we are and when they look good, CupGang looks good too.



It only works for you to join our team if you share our values and us yours. We’re as real as it gets so it makes sense that our relationships would be too. I know we look "cool" so we get why you’d want to be one of us (errrrrrr), but if you don’t know jack about cars, this probably isn’t going to work.


Together We Win!

We have devoted our lives to making our dreams become a reality! We’re all about the hustle because our love for cars is next level. Without that passion, or drive (pun intended!), we’d never be where we are. We’re crazy about what we do and get hyped when someone we meet can share in that with us.